Security Awareness Training: Get a free cybersecurity threat check Security Awareness Training: Get a free cybersecurity threat check

Security Awareness Training

Keep your remote teams aware of evolving threats.

Remote workers present an attractive target to bad actors launching increasingly aggressive social engineering and phishing attacks. The best defense: keep your teams aware of the latest risk.

Our Security Awareness Training service helps you protect your teams through a variety of engaging content and benchmarking tools. Contact us today to get a free security threat check that gauges the vulnerability of your employees to spoof emails, social engineering and phishing attacks.

Program Details


  • Integrate industry- and company-specific content
  • Prepare for specific attacks and issues
  • Create user groups and define administrative criteria


  • Interactive training for a compelling and immersive experiencet
  • Course materials in 15 local languages
  • Gamification features let employees compete against peers


  • Content library of 900+ items based on subscription level
  • Flexible licensing
  • Powerful new features added regularly

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Address the increasingly important criterion of employee training in regulatory compliance.

Quantifiable Results

On average, 30% of employees are prone to phishing attacks prior to training. The percentage declines to 15% after 90 days of cybersecurity course training, and to 2% after one year.


Programs and resources continually updated to respond and adapt to new threats as they emerge.