Secure Office Bundle Secure Office Bundle

Attention Channel Partners: Secure Office Bundle

Flexible connectivity plus firewalls – for less.

Connect and Protect Your Customers

Small and mid-size businesses have increasingly complex requirements for connectivity. At the same time, cybersecurity remains essential, as hackers continually seek new ways to infiltrate networks. But while the scope of requirements is growing, budgets remain tight.

Our Secure Office Bundle for Channel Partners delivers enterprise-level flexibility and functionality, with robust security features baked in. Now, you can help customers grow bandwidth and protect critical assets – for less.

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Pricing and Bundle Options for 50 to 100 MB Pricing and Bundle Options for 50 to 100 MB



More choices by bundling security with connectivity and collaboration solutions; unlimited configuration changes on NGFW policies.

Risk Management

Transfer risk and compliance requirements to a state-of-the-art security operations team.

Service Quality

24x7x365 proactive monitoring and management through SOC/NOC.


Support hybrid networks and deploy resources with “Zero Touch” provisioning for fast and easy scaling. LTE Backup SIM + 1G Plan (overage charged at $10/GB).


Next-Generation Firewall with premium UTM licensing to stay abreast of continually evolving threats.

*Terms and Conditions

Prices in USD. Prices include a leased CPE (Next-Generation Firewall) unless specified in an official CES Technical Proposal. The Prices and offers specified herein are valid solely for the location listed on the quote. Customer is solely responsible for supplying a secure space, as well as reliable power and air conditioning for CES appliances. Customer is solely responsible for racking and stacking the equipment, unless any of these tasks is to be performed by CES according to a Technical Proposal. Either Party shall construct nothing described in this quote as an obligation to provide or purchase the Services. Civil works, conduit, and internal cabling at the Customer site are not included. For Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), special constructions charges may apply and pricing is subject to a feasibility study and additional charges may apply. For LTE backup connectivity, wireless data sessions will have a GMT timestamp. This backup link has a standard data plan for connectivity and any change on this plan would need to be approved by CES finance. In this case, all rates shall be quoted per Megabyte (MB). Following the Minimum Period, the changes in pricing shall be effective upon seven (7) days’ notice to Customer. CES reserves the right to change the prices of any of these Services, if such changes are attributable to costs outside of CES’ control, such as changes in taxes, fees, and other government-imposed levies, changes in regulatory conditions (national and supranational regulations when applicable), changes in foreign currency exchange rates, or increased costs for using the Telecommunications Networks. If a minimum purchase commitment has been defined, CES reserves the right to invoice the Customer for the amount as defined within the SLA. In addition to the other termination rights included in the Agreement, if CES determines in its sole discretion that it is no longer economically feasible to continue to provide Services to the countries described in this Order, CES is entitled to terminate this Order upon a thirty (30) days’ written notice to Customer. Additional charges may apply if service is canceled during implementation. Any additional charges incurred during the provision of Services will be Customer’s sole responsibility. Security appliances will be shipped pre-configured with a standardized basic configuration. Changes to this configuration can be made via opening a ticket with CES GNOC after the service is installed. Pricing applies to U.S customers only. Prices valid for 30 days from date of quote. Standard delivery for all Services is within 60 to 90 calendar days, unless otherwise agreed upon with the Customer on writing. Rates exclude all applicable federal, state, and local taxes, surcharges and fees. Early termination fees may apply. All quotes and orders are subject to the terms and conditions of the Master Services Agreement, Service Annex, and any cybersecurity products and services being provided by CES strategic technology partners, including, but not limited to, software licenses.