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High-performance mobile data and device connectivity to multiple locations. High-performance mobile data and device connectivity to multiple locations.

No fixed connection? No problem.

Untethered access, redundancy and carrier independence.

High-performance mobile data and device connectivity to multiple locations.

Flexible Mobile Connectivity

IoT applications, remote locations, devices and data – without wired infrastructure

Delivering end-to-end connectivity to mobile and remote environments presents a challenge for businesses of all sizes. Companies deploying Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives – ranging from smart energy grids to connected patient monitoring to self-driving vehicles – need to link data-collecting sensors to their databases through wireless networks. Cruise ships moving in open waters, offshore oil rigs and offices in isolated locations also require high-bandwidth capacity and reliability. For such operations, wireless connectivity across myriad providers is especially challenging.

Our Flexible Mobile Connectivity solutions use IoT-enabled eSIM technology to deliver high-performance mobile data connectivity to over 700 cellular networks worldwide managed from a single platform. Applications include linking smart sensors to analytical platforms to support Edge Intelligence solutions, asset tracking, cold chain monitoring, fleet management, Point of Sale and much more.

In addition to standalone connectivity solutions, Mobile Connectivity Endpoints can be bundled with industrial-grade hardware devices that connect to cellular networks and provide both wired LAN and WiFi connectivity. The embedded GPS adds geo-localization capabilities suitable for many applications. Combining Endpoints with a Mobile Connectivity Hub scale from a single eSIM to multiple eSIMs in a single device, allowing advanced features like network redundancy, bandwidth bonding, hot failover and WAN smoothing.

Benefits of Mobile Connectivity


Remotely programmable eSIM and data connectivity for multiple locations and bandwidths through cellular connections.

Flexibility and Performance

Auto-selection of best signals from multiple carriers with access to +700 mobile networks worldwide.


Centralized platform simplifies managing SIMs across different carriers and geographies providing insight and transparency.

Advanced Solutions

With Mobile Connectivity Endpoint and Hub, scale to advanced solutions with multiple SIMs and bandwidth aggregation, hot failover, VPN and more.


Equipment staging, ease of operations and quality technical support/customer care. Turnkey solution or integrate with existing hardware.


eSIMs for Wireless Connectivity – a Game-Changer

eSIMs for Wireless Connectivity – a Game-Changer

By enabling communication between almost any device and multiple wireless networks, eSIMs are creating a world of new possibilities.

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Free the SIM! IoT Solutions and Cellular Connectivity

Free the SIM! IoT Solutions and Cellular Connectivity

IoT solutions that rely on Cellular network-based IoT applications are constrained by SIMs that only work with a specific carrier’s technology. Decoupling the SIM from wireless carriers enhances flexibility and expands options.

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