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Software-Defined Perimeter Security Software-Defined Perimeter Security

Leverage security technology and expertise

Enhance compliance and minimize risk, while focusing on your core business.

Software-Defined Perimeter Security

Software-Defined Perimeter Security

State-of-the-Art Solution

Traditional security strategies take a “castle and moat” approach that treat the enterprise network as a physical entity with clearly defined borders that can be protected. In today’s virtualized world, however, boundaries in the traditional sense no longer exist. As a result, new approaches are needed to address the challenge of continually evolving threats in increasingly complex environments.

Our Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) solution addresses the challenges of virtualization by enabling provisioning and management of next-generation firewalls. You focus on your core business while maintaining an enterprise-grade security posture. SDP carves out specifically defined boundaries of access to different entities, regardless of physical location. This allows remote workers to access files related to their jobs, IT contractors to access applications they’re testing and suppliers to access orders of the products they’re supplying. By defining and restricting network access based on the user profile and permissions, as well as the context of each connection, we enhance security and the ability to monitor vulnerabilities within the virtual network. Our solution also improves security at a local level by securing user devices from inbound connections. This addresses concerns about malicious users accessing devices on public local networks.

Benefits of Software Defined Perimeter

Pay as you Grow

Reduce costs and easily expand protected sites and branches.


Cost visibility for corporate cyber security appliances management.

Minimize and Transfer Risk

Enhanced policy enforcement through continuous monitoring and big data analytics.


Global access to experienced and dedicated cyber analysts and researchers.

Ensure Compliance

Align with regulatory standards and industry regulations.

Use Cases

Security Bundle Use Case

SD-WAN Security Bundle

Prevent theft, unauthorized access and damage to data, hardware, or software.

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UCaaS and Security Bundle

UCaaS and Security Bundle

Integrated Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) transport, with an additional layer of basic security functionality, to help teams that are stretched thin juggling myriad priorities.

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The “Zero Trust” approach to enterprise security

Beginning the Zero Trust Journey with Software-Defined Perimeter Security

The “Zero Trust” approach to enterprise security offers many benefits, but implementing the model is complex. Software-Defined Perimeter solutions can help.

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