Security-as-a-Service Security-as-a-Service

Centralized oversight and world-class expertise

Leverage the Cloud to respond to evolving threats and optimize your security strategy.

Security services


Flexibility and Enterprise-Grade Performance


By leveraging the power of a cloud-based secure infrastructure, enterprises benefit from a flexible security solution that protects assets on-demand. An automated platform delivers rapid deployment and provisioning, from solution design to implementation.


Our SECaaS solution enables central monitoring of security performance and compliance maturity, report generation, infrastructure management and policy enforcement – all through a single interface. Alliances with leading technology partners, as well as top-notch in-house expertise, optimizes the impact of scarce resources.


Benefits of SECaaS

Comprehensive Solution

Firewall-as-a-Platform and Endpoint Protection deliver enterprise-grade security.


Advanced reporting and analytics delivers 100% visibility and control through a single pane of glass.

Rapid Deployment

Intuitive interfaces and automation allows deployment in minutes rather than weeks.


Micro-segmented networks speed monitoring and response.


Defense-in-depth principles and processes drive unified security and access policies.