Perimeter Security Perimeter Security

A cost-effective approach to protecting the perimeter

Outsource key security functions to enhance compliance, minimize risk and enable business focus.

Protect the Castle

Perimeter Security

Protect the Castle


Enable your edge security management with easy to deploy appliances and event and network availability monitoring delivered via multi-tenant platforms from Security Operations Centers (SOCs).


Our standard offer bundles the right appliance for the most common Internet/MPLS links and range of users, with a managed service provided by state-of-the art SOCs staffed by certified cyber analysts.

Benefits of Perimeter Security

Lower Costs

Outsource key security functions and management tasks to gain visibility into security posture and leverage economies of scale.

Minimize and Transfer Risk

Enforce company policies through continuous monitoring and big data analytics through a state-of-the-art security organization.

Ensure Compliance

Meet regulatory standards and protect your business from legal or compliance risks.

Real-Time Threat Protection

Comprehensive real-time protection against a variety of constantly evolving attacks.