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Perimeter Security Perimeter Security

A cost-effective approach to protecting the perimeter

Outsource key security functions to enhance compliance, minimize risk and enable business focus.

Protect the Castle

Perimeter Security

Protect the Castle

Despite the growth of Cloud and virtualization initiatives, traditional network security remains a priority and vexing challenge for any organization. Research shows that a business experience suffering a breach experiences an average loss of $7M.

Our Perimeter Security solution enables provisioning and management of next-generation firewalls and global access to experienced and dedicated cyber analysts and researchers. We provide configuration, provisioning, monitoring and change management of security appliances, supported by a 24x7 Security Operations Centers throughout the US and Latin America. Our “pay as you grow” model enables scalability and protection of new sites and branches as needed. Outsourcing your vital security and management function allows you to reduce costs, mitigate and transfer risk and align with industry-specific regulatory standards. Focus on your core business while maintaining an enterprise-grade security posture.

Benefits of Perimeter Security

Lower Costs

Outsource key security functions and management tasks to gain visibility into security posture and leverage economies of scale.

Minimize and Transfer Risk

Enforce company policies through continuous monitoring and big data analytics through a state-of-the-art security organization.

Ensure Compliance

Meet regulatory standards and protect your business from legal or compliance risks.

Real-Time Threat Protection

Comprehensive real-time protection against a variety of constantly evolving attacks.

Use Cases

Security Bundle Use Case

SD-WAN Security Bundle

Prevent theft, unauthorized access and damage to data, hardware, or software.

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The “Zero Trust” approach to enterprise security

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