Data Club Data Club

A data plan designed for your business

Pay only for the data you use, with unlimited data carryover and no high overage rates.

Unlimited data carryover

Data Club – Data Only Wireless Plan

Flexible connectivity for tablets, hotspots and IoT devices

Keeping employees securely and reliably connected is essential to business performance. Traditional data models, however, put you at a distinct disadvantage. Under a typical plan, you pay a fixed monthly rate for a specified volume of data. The problem is that unused data doesn’t carry over to the next month. That means you pay for data – whether you use it or not. And if you exceed your monthly allotment of data, you’ll likely pay steep overage charges. Moreover, you lack visibility into how different departments and individuals use data. That makes it harder to implement controls and manage costs.

Our unique Data Club service lets you deploy and control connected devices—including smartphones, hot spots, routers or tablets - easily and quickly, with no contracts and commitments.  You pay only for the data you use, with unlimited data carryover and no high overage rates, using the best LTE networks across North America.



Unlimited data carryover means you pay only for what you use – with no overage fees.


Primary or dual wireless data connection for all devices when Wi-Fi is not available or when connectivity is essential.

Cost Management

Control data expenses by setting monthly limits on a per-device basis.


Visibility into data usage by device.


Change wireless carriers any time based on network performance, with no contracts or commitments.