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Capabilities and resources for staff augmentation Capabilities and resources for staff augmentation

Smart hands for critical tasks

Special projects require strategic solutions.

Staff augmentation and professional services

Staff Augmentation and Professional Services

On-demand capabilities and resources

Contingencies and ad hoc requirements are a fact of life for IT organizations. Whether it’s an SD-WAN implementation to support expansion, data center migration or end of year audit, businesses must be positioned to quickly deploy essential capabilities to address urgent needs. The challenge lies in having ready access to the necessary tools and skill sets, while avoiding the costs of keeping specialized resources on the bench.

Our Staff Augmentation and Professional Services capabilities help enterprises accommodate ebbs and flows in work volumes and fill gaps for specialized skills on a flexible, on-demand basis. A sourcing model that combines nearshore and onshore resources provides flexible and cost-effective access to world-class talent in multiple geographies. Deep and broad expertise ensures that even the most unique requirements are addressed.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation and Professional Services

Cultural Affinity and Talent

Multi-shore sourcing model enhances alignment and communication between IT and business teams. Global resources and extensive expertise in scarce skill offloads the burden of recruitment and retention and focus on core capabilities.


Teams offer the skill sets needed to support any requirement, ranging from basic staff augmentation to specialized Application Development or integration projects.

Cost Efficiency

Leverage economies of scale and cost-effective access to scarce talent.


Seamless management structures without complex multi-vendor sourcing arrangements.


The Pandemic and End-User Computing

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