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Managed Mobility for living a mobile world Managed Mobility for living a mobile world

Living in a mobile world

Keys to managing devices, functionality and security.

optimized experiences with Managed Mobility

Managed Mobility

Optimized experiences, delivered efficiently

Businesses rely on mobile devices to keep employees connected and productive. But managing the use of smart phones and tablets can create risks around cost, productivity and security. A strategic approach must address a wide range of requirements that include device selection and operating systems, data security, access enablement, device configuration/activation, administrator and user training, service desk support and expense management. Moreover, robust processes around basics such as device activation, maintenance and repair are essential to avoid value-sapping layers of complexity.

Our Managed Mobility offering combines deployment, application and device configuration, day-to-day support and monitoring/management to enable oversight and enhance the mobile experience of end users. Assessments and health checks define needs and enable focus. User segmentation based on business personas aligns functionality with user requirements. Level 1/2/3 Service Desk options.

Benefits of Managed Mobility


A global footprint comprising LatAM, NA and EMEA, standardized mobile governance policies and a single point-of-contact model for customer success ensure consistent and high-quality service. Analytics and process optimization for continuous improvement.

Flexibility & Efficiency

User segmentation enhances productivity and user experience. Hardware and tool-agnostic solutions across multiple device types and device management tool sets.

Cost Savings

Device functionality is aligned to user needs, reducing costs for supporting under-utilized applications.

Mobile Security

Firewalling work applications from private use protects both enterprise and end-user data under a consistent set of policies.

Use Cases

High-performance mobile data and device connectivity to multiple locations.

Mobile Connectivity for Vehicles

From law enforcement officers accessing databases from moving vehicles, to train and bus passengers using Wi-Fi on their commutes, wireless connectivity is a must. eSIM-based solutions deliver quality and reliability.

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Managed Mobility for Enterprise Environments

Managed Mobility for Enterprise Environments

Managing the use of mobile devices poses a challenge for any business. The right mix of people, process and technology can optimize productivity while mitigating risk.

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The Pandemic and End-User Computing

The Pandemic and End-User Computing

Talk about lemonade from lemons. Todd Seiple describes three ways the pandemic has enabled mid-sized businesses to improve IT service delivery.

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Mobile Device Management in the Finance Sector and Millennial Employees: Keeping Everybody Happy

Mobile Device Management in the Finance Sector and Millennial Employees: Keeping Everybody Happy

As mobile devices become increasingly ubiquitous in our professional and private lives, ensuring functionality and security while accommodating personal choices is essential. That’s especially true for banks managing sensitive data and competing for scarce young talent.

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