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Physicians monitoring test results Physicians monitoring test results

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AI-enabled medical equipment tracking.

Physicians monitoring test results

Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

Locate, identify and monitor critical mobile hospital equipment

For healthcare facilities battered by the COVID-19 pandemic, improving oversight of mobile clinical assets and hospital equipment is a top priority. Lack of tools and procedures lead to additional equipment purchases and rentals, resulting in bloated inventories and extra maintenance and service costs. Untracked assets are easy targets for theft. Hard to find equipment can delay urgent care for patients. On average, hospitals experience an annual shrinkage loss of between 15 percent to 35 percent of total asset costs.

Our Real-Time Location System (RTLS) solution leverages video analytics, geo-fencing, and beacons to accurately identify and monitor the location and movement of equipment within a healthcare facility. The easy-to-deploy solution leverages existing video equipment and infrastructure, while operating independently of hospital information systems. Assets such as mobile ventilators are tagged with low-cost QR codes and beacons. The solution locates unattended assets with pinpoint accuracy, using cost-effective and non-invasive infrastructure. Geo-fencing defines safe, caution and danger zones within a facility; when an asset crosses a geo-fenced border, an alert is issued identifying the asset as well as the precise location of the breach. AI-enabled video analytics identify the type and location of both stationary assets and assets in motion and provide an additional safeguard in case beacons are removed from the asset. Asset utilization data can be integrated to provide insight into maintenance history.

Benefits of RTLS

Improved Quality of Care

Hospital staff can quickly identify and access critical equipment and also gain insight into maintenance history.

Insight & Accuracy

Hospital staff can identify type and location of stationary assets and receive real-time notifications/alerts when assets move outside Geo-fenced locations.

Cost Savings

Reduce equipment theft and asset replacement. Increase utilization and reduce excess inventory.


Improve asset utilization, asset lifecycle management and asset replacement.

Compliance & Safety

Reduce insurance liability. Optional tracking of patients for safety and personnel to enforce masking and social distancing policies.

Use Cases

Real-Time Location System Plus

Real-Time Location System Plus

Hospitals face increasing pressure to reduce operational costs and enhance oversight of mobile assets and equipment within healthcare facilities. Technology solutions that leverage video analytics, geo-fencing and beacons can help hospital staff address the challenge.

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Real-Time Location System Plus: a Must for CFOs

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CES Wins AI Award for Hospital Asset Tracking Solution

CES Wins AI Award for Hospital Asset Tracking Solution

The Business Intelligence Group presented an award for Artificial Intelligence excellence to Claro Enterprise Solutions for its Hospital Asset Management Solution.

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