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Smart sensors at the edge

Visibility and control of fuel inventory and operations.

Fuel Monitoring for your business

Fuel Monitoring & Risk Control

Collect, manage and analyze gas station operations

Owners and operators of gas stations face a fundamental challenge when it comes to oversight and control of their operations. One basic task is to gain remote, real-time visibility into inventory levels and composition of storage tanks in different locations. Because of inadequate inventory measures, deliveries are typically schedule-based rather than usage-based, resulting in excess supplies or shortages. Lack of insight can also lead to fraud. Traditional improvement options, meanwhile, are flawed. Operators typically have limited access to historical data on usage trends and patterns, even for basic indicators such as average daily, weekly and monthly sales. Absent these analytics, individual operations are sub-optimal, while on a macro level executives struggle to compare geographies, improve supply/demand management and consolidate reporting.

Our Fuel Monitoring and Risk Control solution leverages Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capabilities to deliver real-time visibility to operators of fuel facilities. Gas stations are equipped with an easy-to-install console that provides online access to inventory data and insight into fuel arbitrage, including timing, location, distribution, product availability and quality. Consolidated and historical reporting, advanced analytics, dashboards and user-defined KPIs support a wide range of improvements.

Monitor fuel supplies to provide actionable insights

Fuel Monitoring & Risk Control Solution

Have real-time visibility into inventory and sales

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Benefits of Fuel Monitoring & Risk Control

Visibility and Control

Real-time monitoring of fuel inventory level, water level and temperature. Browser-based dashboards for any computer, laptop or mobile device.


User-defined measures by individual tank. Consolidated reporting across geographies, units and products. Integration with customer POS or other back-end systems.

Fraud Prevention

Track fuel levels and composition in real time to detect short-sells and dilution.

Ease of Deployment

Non-intrusive installation in ~1.5 hours with no disruption to operations. Integrates with existing infrastructure and consoles from multiple vendors. Maintenance as required.

Quality and Safety

Detailed, automated monitoring of fuel levels with the highest level of accuracy. Reduced worker exposure to hazardous substances.

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