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Fleet Management Fleet Management

Smart sensors at the edge enhance fleet management

Boost competitiveness, meet regulatory standards and lay the groundwork for an IoT strategy.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Taking asset tracking, safety and compliance to the next level

Large transport operators face growing competitive and regulatory pressure to maintain detailed, real-time monitoring and documentation of vehicles, drivers and goods. For fleet managers, the stakes include safety, compliance and economic advantage.

Our comprehensive solutions serve a broad range of needs, including heavy and light-duty trucks, long and short-haul carriers, passenger transit and specialized vehicles. Asset tracking capabilities include dry-van and refrigerated trailers, heavy equipment and mobile assets of any kind.

Smart sensors for regulatory compliance and enhanced competitiveness.

Fleet Management Solutions

Edge Intelligence-enabled vehicle and asset monitoring.

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Benefits of Fleet Management

Compliance & Safety

Compliance with the ELD regulatory mandate. IFTA Reporting and alignment with FMCSA standards. AI-enabled video cameras detect traffic risks and send customized alerts to drowsy or distracted drivers. In-cab driver coaching options to improve driver safety.


Open API for integration. Scalable to support 10Ks of devices per customer. On-going software updates and feature improvements. Compatible with existing platforms and all mobile devices.


Geo-fencing and real-time tracking via Google maps. Live location sharing to inform customers of routes and deliveries. Trailer tracking, theft detection and refrigeration monitoring and control.


Time-lapsed video and automatic incident upload with optional video cameras. Proof of time on-site, delivery and fuel usage. Trailer and cargo asset tracking. Digitized trip history and driver documents.


Telematics reports on vehicle conditions, including fuel efficiency, to enable preventive maintenance and optimization of energy consumption. Route analytics and real-time route tracking.

Use Cases

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Smart Sensors for Fleet Management

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