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From the big picture to the smallest detail

Leverage data to engage customers, close sales and build brand loyalty.

Retail and hospitality solutions for large companies

Retail and Hospitality Solutions

Redefining the customer experience


The retail and hospitality sectors face unprecedented competitive pressure from their industry disruptors. To survive, traditional players must create innovative ways of engaging with customers by leveraging intelligent automation, data analytics and new business models. Keys to success include analyzing customer life cycle stages, segmenting target audiences based on demographic and behavioral criteria and developing increasingly robust queries to uncover new insights.


Our Retail and Hospitality Solutions practice applies statistical analyses of data from social, digital and traditional channels to deliver a wide range of insights – from how store layouts and product placements impact purchases, to how consumers respond to key influencers, to specific ways hotels can attract tourists and business travelers. Operational benefits include enhanced inventory management through unit cost tracking and low-stock alerts, as well as merchandise tracking to prevent loss and speed deliveries. Our solutions also deliver secure data storage, wireless hardware compatibility and mobile reporting. From the big picture to the smallest detail, we help you develop and implement an end-to-end strategy encompassing an enhanced customer experience, targeted data collection, focused analysis and efficient point-of-sale execution.



AI-enabled sentiment analysis, video and facial recognition assess consumer engagement and support predictive analytics.


Video, WiFi, Bluetooth and low-energy beacons provide activity mapping anonymously document how shoppers and employees spend their time and move throughout a store.

Customer Experience

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) and event planning/management applications. POS access to all payment types, from any device, anywhere.

Business Intelligence

Real-time tracking of key performance indicators: sales reports, profit year over year, recent sales, sales per employee and average transaction value.

Breadth and Depth of Social Media

Access to over 20 social channels, as well as IM apps, review and streaming sites, media sources and websites. Coverage in 187 languages across 196 countries and 150+ million sources covered.