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ocial Media and Omnichannel for large businesses ocial Media and Omnichannel for large businesses

Connect with the social customer

Meet and exceed today’s demanding expectations.

Enable a seamless customer experience between digital and traditional channels.

Social Media and Omnichannel

Data-based insights for better experiences

The explosion of social media and mobile data access has disrupted customer experience management paradigms. To meet the demands of today’s consumers, omnichannel strategies that leverage multiple communication platforms are essential. But offering multiple options isn’t enough. Customers expect communications to be on their preferred terms – and those preferences vary widely across different segments.

Through our affiliate company Telvista, we offer Social Media and Omnichannel solutions that accommodate customers ranging from tech-savvy millennials accustomed to mobile apps to traditional boomers who still expect to speak to a human. By leveraging social media sentiment analysis, we glean critical insight into a consumer’s intention to buy or use – or abandon – a service. Based on this insight, we develop metrics to inform actions that enable a seamless experience between digital and traditional channels and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.



Omnichannel capabilities that integrate voice, e-mail, IVR, chat, mobile, apps and social media to produce a seamless, transparent and satisfying experience.

Actionable Insight

Use data to enable rapid, attentive and effective response to all customer concerns, regardless of the channel of the interaction.

Social Data Mining

Granular insight from social media analytics, including sentiment analysis.


Quantifiable impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Use Cases

Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring Social Media for Customer Insights

To create new ways of forging meaningful connections, businesses are looking to digital capabilities to analyze massive volumes of data and gain deeper insights into customers.

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Bruised Bananas, Edge Intelligence and AI in the Retail Experience

Bruised Bananas, Edge Intelligence and AI in the Retail Experience

Smaller retailers face unprecedented competitive pressure. Smart sensors and analytics can be a cost-effective way to level the playing field by enhancing quality and creating an engaging customer experience.

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Retailers Can Take Social Media Engagement to the Next Level

Social Media and Customer Data

How retailers are taking insights to the next level.

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