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Manage Complexity

Enhance agility, boost performance and optimize efficiency


End-to-end performance guarantee and bandwidth options


A wide range of bandwidth options to deliver end-to-end performance with Class of Service/Quality of Service management capabilities.


Operations, Administration and Management (OAM) model optimizes customer service and ensures visibility through demarcation devices monitored by a Customer Network Operations Center (CNOC).


Benefits of Ethernet

Customer Experience

24x7 support and NOC-based Operations, Administration and Management (OAM) with dedicated service teams for visibility and service control.

Speed and Scalability

Fast access to bandwidth options to support business growth.


Connection to Cloud services, datacenters, enterprise headquarters and remote locations globally.


Access for major cities from a single service provider.

Connectivity and Reliability

Bandwidth options from 2Mb to 10Gbps, with Class of Service (CoS) and performance assurance reporting.