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Infrastructure as a Service

Enable your company’s multi-cloud infrastructure strategy. Find the right mix of public, private and hybrid resources for your enterprise.

Software as a Service

Enable your company’s multi-cloud software strategy. Focus on responding to the changing needs your business can face.

Backup and DR as a Service

Enable your company’s multi-cloud backup strategy. Back up data, restore applications and minimize the risk of data loss and business disruption.


Tailored, flexible and scalable solutions.

  • How do I optimize flexibility and scalability in my cloud solution?
  • How do I deploy infrastructure in key countries to improve performance for my customers?
  • How do I deploy a tailored cloud solution that meets my company’s needs?

Global enterprises today require a cloud strategy tailored to specific requirements. Cost efficiency, scalability and flexibility are imperative, but compromising on security for critical applications is not an option. The challenge lies in getting the mix just right.

Our cloud services are designed to fit the needs of your business. We leverage extensive global infrastructure resources and strategic partnerships to align with your requirements.



Claro Cloud infrastructure offers tailored solutions for Enterprise needs, from customized IaaS infrastructure requirements, to Disaster Recovery and Backup-as-a-Service.


Claro Cloud infrastructure is protected against Denial-of-Service attacks (DDoS). We also offer advanced firewall configuration for controlling East-West traffic on vDCs.

Seamless Support

Certified data center with specialized skills and tri-lingual support (English, Spanish and Portuguese).


Infrastructure connected to America Movil tier 1 internet backbone and international MPLS network, providing access reliability and performance, as well as private connectivity for Virtual Private Data Centers.


Capacity on demand so that customers can deploy, suspend and delete virtual servers anywhere and anytime, with billing incurring only to the used infrastructure.


UCaaS and Security Bundle

UCaaS and Security Bundle

Integrated Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) transport, with an additional layer of basic security functionality, to help teams that are stretched thin juggling myriad priorities.

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Tackling Complexity

Tackling Complexity

How mid-sized organizations can leverage the cloud to build collaboration.

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SD-WAN & UCaaS Use Case

SD-WAN and UCaaS

SD-WAN and UCaaS deliver enterprise-grade connectivity and communications, scalability and visibility into private and public networks.

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Security Bundle Use Case

SD-WAN and Security

Bundling SD-WAN and security to meet the challenge of bandwidth-intensive environments.

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