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Claro Enterprise - Unified Communications

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Organize your enterprise’s communication by

Integrating all channels into one experience.

Consistent, productive, and efficient

Unified accessibility and management

Wherever you are and whatever device, channel, operating system or app you’re using, Unified Communications (UC) provides a platform on a reliable network for buisness partners to work efficiently and effectively as a team.  

UC is cloud based, allowing users to collaborate and enjoy all the technological benefits available without having to invest in costly equipment.


Efficiency and Productivity

Ability to communicate and collaborate with team members in real-time

    Collaboration Tools

    IP phones, unified messaging, and conferences via cloud

      Cost Reduction

      Save on infrastructure and consumption with flexible packages built for your business

        Response Times

        Improved and expedited response times

          User Friendly

          Ability to unify all channels into a single, cloud based platform to simplify communication among team members