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Working at Claro Enterprise Solutions.

Benefits Working at Claro Enterprise Solutions


Our employees are offered a variety of health insurance options so you can choose the plan best suited to your lifestyle. You’ll have access to a national network of medical professionals to provide comprehensive coverage when you need it most, just one of many perks enjoyed by our employees.


Take advantage of our Aetna wellness program to maintain a healthy balance. The program includes an online fitness and nutrition tracker, team-based challenges, social networking, e-mails, newsletters, activity tracking and the ability to chart your own progress, plus a welcome kit that includes your own pedometer.

It’s a fantastic way for people to get and stay motivated and improve fitness and well-being, no matter their level of health and fitness. Let’s get active!

Taking Time Off

We have a flexible vacation policy so you can get the rest and relaxation you need and return to work feeling fully refreshed. This includes all the usual holidays and a few that you might not expect.

A good work-life balance makes for a happier, healthier employee and a stronger team.

Learning and Development

Learning happens all the time, even when we are not aware of it. At Claro Enterprise Solutions you will be encouraged to view every activity as an opportunity to learn more about the world around you.

We provide you with the resources and environment required to support your growth and development and set you up for success.

Employee Experience

Life at Claro Enterprise Solutions wouldn’t be the same without our birthday parties, potlucks, annual holiday luncheon, and Bring Your Kids to Work Day. These are just some of the celebrations that bring us together and allow us to bond over common interests.

No matter what your role, you’ll be surrounded by friends, peers, and a community designed to help you thrive.


Our work gives us the opportunity to shape and improve the world we live in, a duty we carry out in a number of ways. In this way, the work we do becomes a chance for Claro Enterprise Solutions to go above and beyond in the process of serving others.


It is our firm belief that we never stop growing and developing over the course of our lives. We aim to ensure that the passion, potential, and time that we invest during our stay at Claro Enterprise Solutions are of benefit personally, professionally, and beyond.

Social Responsibility

We know that our customers and suppliers are our responsibility. This is why we take our work so seriously, adhering rigorously to current legislation and ensuring that the utmost care is taken of our financial, material, and human resources.

We are aware of, and greatly value, the social responsibility that we have towards all the countries in which we operate. When problems or challenges arise, we embrace these as opportunities to continue to strive for the common good. Therefore, our goal is not simply to cooperate with each country’s economic, social, and cultural development but to actively participate in it.


Austerity is a phrase we have adopted to characterize the values, responsibilities, and goals of our company and all the different entities that have helped to make Claro Enterprise Solutions what it is today. It is by operating through collective dedication and diligence that we can optimize resources, eliminate waste, and cut out unnecessary spending.

While some choose to see austerity as a measure of limitation, we instead view it as a unifying force that strengthens our core values, through which we can conceive, create, improve, and grow our social projects. Through our consistent dedication to hard work, we at Claro Enterprise Solutions practice and carry out austerity with the ultimate goal of providing complete customer satisfaction.